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Sheila Heathcote has lived in Hawaii since 1986. She's a published author on the topic of Kauai and the owner of Hale O Nanakai Bed & Breakfast.

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Sorry for a gap in events....it was a sad month

On August 27, 2011 my BFF (Best Furry Friend) passed on to the next realm. Born around September 11, 1998 this beautiful boy, who came to me as a bottle-fed kitten, lived his entire life here on the Nanakai Place Cul de Sac, where the Hale O Nanakai Bed & Breakfast is located.

Sparky was a true gentleman and an accomplished mouser. Here in Hawaii it is common for residents to leave our rubber "slippahs" just outside the front door.  My dear Sparky-cat, saw my slipper as a perfect receptacle for a tiny mouse carcass, so he placed it right in my slipper so I wouldn't miss it. What a treat!

For some reasons cats seem to tune in to me, and I to them, a bit more intimately than I do with some other species. Sparky knew my moods and rejoiced when I was happy, and brought me geckos and live doves when I was upset or sad. He was there for me, day and night, for 13 years, through numerous jobs, 2 marriages, one divorce, the death of both my parents and 9/11.

Each cat has its own personality and Sparky will always be remembered for his adorable and incessant demands to have his whiskers brushed on every possible occasion. In the mornings, as I was rushing to get ready for work, he would stand on his hind legs on the counter, reach both paws up to the hairbrush and grasp it,  and demand a rake of the bristles across his whiskers before I could finish my own hair!

Sparky was a great conversationalist and we had many philosophic discussions over the years. He would greet me in the driveway when I came home, walk with me to pick up the mail, and catch me up on all the neighborhood gossip while I was away.

Because of his love of "nookying", someone eventually bought him a special fur pillow and a fur mat to appease the kittenish instinct of pawing with tiny claws to receive milk from mama-cat. This boy never stopped kneading soft, fluffy objects and body parts from kitten hood on through old age. I often had pin pricks in my skin from his happy claws, and didn't mind it a bit!

Another unique thing was the fact that I never once saw Sparky's tail bushed out when frightened or confronted by a dog. He was hip, slick and cool and bad boys don't get bushy tails. His tail was always beautiful and thick with silver blue fur like his coat.

Some claim that cats are rather useless despite the fact that they catch vermin. All of my cats have had a very important purpose -- one that no other creature on this green earth could fulfill. Unconditional love. Complete acceptance and tolerance. Enduring companionship. Warmth. Friendship. A bit of food and kitty litter is a very small price to pay for the gift of a cat like Sparky.

As much as I loved Sparky-cat throughout his life, I don't think I ever really imagined how much he loved me until he was ready to say goodbye.  Then I realized that Sparky loved me even more than I had loved him -- if that could even be possible. 

I post this final photo of the divine energy that exists in this world, and that is called LOVE. Sparky knew it. I know it. I hope you find it, too.