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Sheila Heathcote has lived in Hawaii since 1986. She's a published author on the topic of Kauai and the owner of Hale O Nanakai Bed & Breakfast.

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New Innkeeper - "Uttama" -- Artist, Healer, Weaver 

With great pleasure I am proud to introduce Hale O Nanakai's new Innkeeper, Becky Bedsole, who began working at the B&B on August 1st. With several years of experience in running the rural 14 room "Village Inn" located Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin (http://www.littlebedder.com/), she brings high standards to  the management and quality assurance  of the daily operation of the B&B. Becky's attention to detail includes initiating new eco-friendly cleanliness standards and  serious attention to detail and customer relations.

Becky's idea to come to Kauai, however, was not exactly to run a B&B. Having moved from Wisconsin to the California coast, Becky worked for a mortgage company, while attending classes and workshops to improve her healing and intuitive skills. Near the end of her apartment lease and the final days of class at a workshop  in  Santa Cruz, she was summoned to Kauai. From there things "just fell into place", she explained.

"In the workshop I realized my heart's desire was to be a full time healer and full time artist living in Kauai, Hawaii. I deeply wanted to follow my heart. "

From the moment she arrived on Kauai, the island welcomed her with open arms.

"I channelled the I ancient energy of the Island within the first week there," Becky, who is also a very talented artist who works with weaving and fabrics, said. "(The Island) sent me to Waimea Canyon to 'receive my gifts.' The gifts came to me once I came down the canyon to dinner."

Sitting at a restaurant, alone, finishing her meal and enjoying the view of the sunset, I invited Becky to join me and Ellen Coulombe (Wings Over Kauai owner) and her sons at the next table.

"This has never ever happened to me before," Becky exclaimed. "I took notice of the energy in play and happily accepted. As we talked, I learned (that Sheila) owned a Bed & Breakfast. I needed another vacation rental in a few days and told her I'd make a reservation. When she learned that I had been an Onsite Manager of a 14 unit Motel for 3.5 years a few years prior, she asked me if I wanted a job."

The result was a work trade that benefited both parties. And, she explains, the gifts just kept on coming.

"The next door neighbor of the B&B had an island car for sale, just in my price range! Then, the neighbors on the other side of the B&B invited me to house sit their beautiful home for 3 weeks.  They trusted me as I was the temporary Inn Keeper at the B&B.  Finally, one of the guests at the B&B was checking out and in conversation with me discovered I was a fiber artist. She had been searching for several years for the perfect Tapestry for her home and couldn't find it. Once she saw my art, she found exactly what she was looking for and bought it instantly!"

Becky Uttama Bedsole has also studied Shamanic Healing, Reiki I and II, Tibetan Tantric Healing, Psychic reading and Intuition as well as practicing channeling, Sound Therapy and Spiritual Healing. Her website and credentials -- along with a spectacular slide show of her woven artwork and tapestries can be found at her website http://www.beckybedsolearts.com/default.html 

"For those who are seeking/desiring to experience life through a deeper connection to the Sacred and to Mother Earth, I offer to you a pathway. Whether through appreciating the beauty of art expressed through the Sacred Heart or Awakening your Heart through energy healing."

Becky's healing sessions and the viewing of her artwork is by appointment only. Contact her through her website (http://www.beckybedsolearts.com/default.html) for more information or to make an appointment.