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Sheila Heathcote has lived in Hawaii since 1986. She's a published author on the topic of Kauai and the owner of Hale O Nanakai Bed & Breakfast.

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Kauai's Aloha Festival brings history to life

Close your eyes and listen to the solemn beat of the ancient drums. The sweet scent of tropical flowers swirls around the hula dancers and royal court. Imagine you are standing in the Hawaii of centuries ago -- before the "discovery" of these Hawaiian Islands. A time when Hawaiian culture, life and the people lived in an organized, sustainable society and worshiped many gods.

On Kaua'i, the Aloha Festival events take place between August 25th and October 20th.   Come help celebrate Kaua‘i's Hawaiian cultural heritage at any or all of the upcoming events that are part of Kaua‘i Aloha Festivals. You will enjoy Royal Court presentations and experience outstanding cultural entertainment, food and traditions.

Aloha Week began in 1946 to celebrate Hawai'i's unique cultural heritage and our sense of Aloha.  In 1991, the name was changed to "Aloha Festivals" with events slated during the months of September and October - the traditional time of Makahiki (a time of peace and celebration).

 The events showcase Hawaiian music, dance, cuisine, arts and cultural practices. All feature presentation of Kauai's Royal Court, with the investiture of the court on August 25th. Each event is found at different locations around Kaua'i. Some, like the Mokihana Festival and the Na Lima Hana Festival, include multiple days of activities.

Event locations include Smith's Tropical Paradise, Kapaa First Hawaiian Church, Kaua`i Beach Resort, Kaua'i Marriott, and the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort and Spa. Kauai residents and visitors will be able to observe time-honored protocol and traditions in association with the Hawaiian culture as well as experience a broad range of Hawaiian dance, music and food.

 *   Friday, Sept. 21st, Mokihana Festival, 808-651-1868 - Maka Herrod. The 28th annual Kaua'i Mokihana Festival celebrates the year of Na Kamali`i (year of the child).  This seven-day event is filled with Hawaiian culture, experiences of hula, Hawaiian and contemporary music, Hawaiian language, crafts, lectures, history and more, in support of the Malie Foundation and the Malie Scholarship. The Royal Court will be part of the festivities as well, at the Kaua`i Beach Resort for the group hula competition from 6pm - 9pm.  Public is welcome. Malie Foundation contributed photo; Joe Olivas photographer.

Kaua'i Mokihana Festival is a week-long celebration, Sept. 16-22, 2012, of Hawaiian culture and includes educational lectures, music and hula competitions at locations around the island of Kaua'i. This year's theme is Year of Na Kamali'i

TICKETS available beginning August 20th at these TICKET OUTLETS:
Vicky's Fabrics Kapa`a (808)822-1746
Kaua'i Beach Resort, Lihue (808)246-5515
Kaua‘i Music and Sound, Kapa‘a (808)823-8000

Call (808) 652-4497 and ASK FOR IWA DAWBARN
$10 children ages 6-17; free for children under 6 at most events.

MOKIHANA PASS: The Mokihana Pass was created for those who desire to support the Kauai Mokihana Festival and allows any person to utilize the pass at events listed below. If you are unable to make one or more events, you are welcomed to pass on your MP to someone else. The Mokihana Pass is available for sale at $60.00 per pass. Purchase in advance. The Mokihana Pass is good for admission to all of the below listed events. For event information call Maka Herrod (808)651-1868 or email:



Sunday, Sept 16

Hawaiian Church Service

Monday, Sept 17

The Kaua'i Composer's Contest and Concert

Tuesday, Sept 18

Children's/Youth Music Competition         

Tuesday, Sept 18

Under the Palms at Wailua

Wednesday, Sept 19

Presentation – Featuring Kealoha the Magnificent Poet

Thursday, Sept 20

Hula Competition:
Solo/Group Kahiko Nei

Friday, Sept 21

Hula Competition:
Group `Auana

Saturday, Sept 22

Hula Competition:
Solo `Auana & Finale