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Sheila Heathcote has lived in Hawaii since 1986. She's a published author on the topic of Kauai and the owner of Hale O Nanakai Bed & Breakfast.

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How the Kauai locals live

Sustainability. GMO -free Zones. ""Smart" electrical meter-free Areas. Kauai is a grass-roots movement kind of island and many people take their stand vigorously. 

On only about an acre of land, a family of 5, along with co-operative caretakers and friends, make their home on a flowering garden of Eden at an undisclosed location on the North Shore of Kauai. 

Working the land for vegetables, duck eggs and brilliant flowers, this group includes a clothing designer, a master carpenter, a woodworker par excellence,  a concert pianist and an artist. 

Having come to Kauai from Europe many years ago, the family decided to adopt the rural lifestyle and make themselves a sustainable llifestyle, living off the land. 

And it works.

Ducks roam the garden and fertilize the crops. 


Communal cooking areas, an outdoor shower heated by solar and a Paloma when the sun doesn't shine, and a workshop full of recycled goods -- glass table tops to be made into circular windows, collected posts, planks and plywood, tin and tarps are the economical, environmental way to go in this locale.

Fruit trees, an artesian well and photovoltaeic panels keep the group mostly off the grid.

And they flourish.

Growing up in the Sixties, I heard about places like this. But I had never experienced one until I drove into this modern day "Shangri-La" with a friend.

TV is not an option. Music is made by musicians. Food is grown, washed and put in the kettle. No animals are sacrificed to feed this vegetarian family.

 Angels and Lilly ponds flow into waterfalls, and the pathway is made of hand mixed concrete hearts, adorned with patterns of tropical leaves and pieces of colorful, buffed glass.

All of this rests in front of a backdrop of brooding, verdant mountains, shrouded in gossamer mists. And the ocean, rivers and ponds are only minutes away.

If you have ever considered an alternative lifestyle, Kauai is the place to make that dream come true.

If were are serious about saving the planet, this is the way to do it!

(Photos by Sheila Heathcote)