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Sheila Heathcote has lived in Hawaii since 1986. She's a published author on the topic of Kauai and the owner of Hale O Nanakai Bed & Breakfast.

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Flying high over Kauai

Story and photos by Emily Arbut

I've hiked many a trail on Kauai, it's my favorite pastime, but even my adventurous feet have a healthy respect for the Kalalau Trail.  An 11-mile, ever-muddy and eroded trail, the Kalalau starts at Kee Beach, crosses five different valleys and ends at secluded Kalalau Beach. It can be treacherous, but it's the only way to traverse the ruggedly magnificent, emerald green Napali Coast, the fabeled Northwest quadrant of Kauai.  The Napali Coast tops the picturesque list of Kauai, but, these days, with all the rain on the North shore, the Kalalau Trail is closed for all foot traffic.  

Napali is not-to-be-missed, so for explorers who know, there is only one alternative option: to see this beautiful coastline by air.  Nothing against boat tours, this mode of transportation is ideal for those looking to get some snorkeling in, and will be covered in an upcoming blog.  But, when it comes to stunning island panoramas, nothing can beat the window seat of a plane.  In an hours ride, the view is ever-changing, from coastline, to canyon, from swamp, to mountain top. Kauai landscape is breathtakingly diverse, and the water falls dotting the countryside never fail to illicit squeels of delight and camera clicks.  

Flying high over Kauai provides a greater appreciation for the luscious landscape of, "the Garden Island". Spanning the distance from East to West, South to North, the natural patchwork of the island pieces together to form one beautiful masterpiece.


Editor's Note: Article and Photos by Emily Arbut

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