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Sheila Heathcote has lived in Hawaii since 1986. She's a published author on the topic of Kauai and the owner of Hale O Nanakai Bed & Breakfast.

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Kauai and the Western-most white sand beach in the USA -- Polihale


Located in a remote and wild area on the western side of the Hawaiian Island of Kauai,  that can only be reached by a bumpy, dirt sugarcane road, stretches Polihale State Park, thirteen miles of wide, white sand with undulating waves and crashing surf. Don't be fooled by locals who drive their four-wheel monster trucks on the sand, or who surf the waves -- the elements here are treacherous and unforgiving. Lifeguards don't guard this place, and luxuries such as cell phones and "OnStar" do not work here!

Hawaiian myths and legends about the area are as numerous as grains of sands. Polihale means "House of  Po", the Hawaiian afterworld. A Spirit path runs from the Pu'u Ka Pele area of Koke'e to the cliffs overlooking Polihale Beach, where departed souls  fling themselves into the sea in order to reach the sanctuary of the underworld.  So strong was this belief that all the homes built in the vicinity of Polihale would have no east facing doors, so that no traveling spirit could become trapped within.