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Planning a visit to Kauai? We regularly add news and information about events, activities, and places to see on The Garden Isle.

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Sheila Heathcote has lived in Hawaii since 1986. She's a published author on the topic of Kauai and the owner of Hale O Nanakai Bed & Breakfast.

Kauai's Sights, Activities, & Events


Hike and Learn about Kauai With and Expert Guide, Brock O'Sullivan

Kauai has a huge assortment of trails, hikes, walks and terrain – from exploring the largest limestone cave in Hawaii next to a spectacular beach, to the high forested woodlands of Koke’e State park, Waimea Canyon and the Kalalau Trail.

Even more importantly, learn the plants, trees, wildlife and history of this beautiful landscape while being guided by an expert!

Brock O’Sullivan’s “day job” (Monday – Thursday) is doing trail maintenance and eradicating non-native species from the Koke’e uplands with the Governor’s Award-Winning Koke’e Resource Conservation Project. He likes to hike after work, too and offers his guidance and outdoor skills to a variety of hiker’s levels on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 7AM – 5PM.

Let Brock help you find the right trail for your skill and experience.

“I love the forest. Before I started my internship with KRCP, I didn’t pay attention to trail details. Now I see – and can show you – it’s more about the native species and the watershed. Teaching sustainability is my goal.”

“I want to give visitors a chance to see what I’ve been able to see and learn about.”

An Expert Guide is always better than a guidebook.

There is no fee to hire Brock to take you to some of Kauai’s most stunning secret wonders. Donations, however, will help this 20-year-old intern with some living expenses and gas for taking visitors out on roads that require 4-wheel drive. 

(Suggested donation $25 - $50 depending on length and difficulty of trail).

In addition to seeing the scenery, these “interpretive hikes” are a way to really get to know the fragile beauty of the island.

Did you know that 75 percent of Kauai is inaccessible by car, bike or by foot? Take this opportunity to see the part where most tourist never go!

Trails include the Koke’e State Park system (roughly 20 trails on and off the map), the Waimea Canyon State Park (trails through the river valley and into Koaie and Po’omau Canyons), Kahili Mountain summit and Forest Glen, Coastal Hikes from Shipwreck’s Beach to Maha’u’lepu Beach and secret paths beyond the Bike Path and Donkey Beach. Hikes to the Makauwahi Cave near South Shore CJM Stables to see the largest limestone cave in Hawaii, Arboretum trails (upper Kapa’a), Sleeping Giant, North Shore treks and the Kalalau Trail (permits required for Kalalau) are only asampling of Kauai's hidden wonders.  

Cell phone: 808 212-7207  brock.osully@gmail.com



Kauai Orchid and Art Festival April 11 and 12 - Hanapepe

Friday, April 11th and Saturday, April 12th Spring Fantasy Orchid Show Presented by Garden Island Orchid Society at the Hanapēpē United Churc Friday 1 pm to 7 pm and Saturday 9 am to 4 pm

 Friday, April 11th and Saturday, April 12th Orchid Painting Workshop with Saim Caglaya At Hanapepe Artworks, 3876 Hanapepe Road. For detailed information see his website www.saimcaglayan.com

Friday, April 11th - Friday Art Night: 6 to 9 pm. Featuring special gallery displays for the Orchid and Art Festival. See individual galleries for details.

 Saturday, April 12th  10 am to 1 pm Watercolor Painting Workshop with Marionette At the Hawaiian Congregational Church in Hanapepe, 10 am to 1 pm. Registration required. Please contact Marionette directly to register at 808-631-9173 or click here to send email. 

Visit our Silent Auction! 11 am to 4:10 pm on Saturday, April 12th. Next to the stage at the Hanapepe Congregational Church Bidding for items begins at 11 am, and closes at 4 pm. Items are available to pay for and take at 4 pm. 

Saturday, April 12th -  - Children’s Musical & Gymnastics Activities  with Kindermusik - noon to 4 pm At the Hawaiian Congregational Church with Keiki Activities. Children of all ages explore a variety of musical instruments and participate in group and individual musical games. Kindermusik is located at the Keiki Klubhouse on the top floor of the Storybook Theatre. For more information contact Aysha Tenouri at 808-492-2372.

Saturday April 12th - Orchid & Art Festival Concert At the Hawaiian Congregational Church in Hanapepe 

10:45 am Opening Blessing by MCs Cabebe

11:00 am Joyful Noise Taiko Drummers

11:30 am Crowing Contest

12:00 pm  Musical and Gymnastics Performance by Keiki Klubhouse

12:15 pm Paul Togioka

1:15 pm Aowl Owen

2:00 pm Brittni Paiva

3:00 pm  FREE PERFORMANCE from Makana (CD signing after)

4:10 pm Silent Auction ends, pick up items

4:15 Joyful Noise Taiko Drummers

8th Annual Orchid & Art Festival,

Email us for more information.


Above: The wonderful Joyful Noise Taiko drummers start the Festival off with a boom!


Musical Legends in the Garden - A Concert Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the National Tropical Botanical Garden

Greats of Hawaiian music will come together in this one-of-a-kind concert celebrating the 50th anniversary of the nonprofit National Tropical Botanical Garden.

Performances by Ledward Kaapana, Mike Kaawa, and Nathan Aweau. The Hawaiian Legends won the 2013 Nā Hōkū Hanahano award for Live Concert dvd. Each artist is also recognized individually for their mastery of island music.
Ledward has received numerous awards, including the NEA Heritage Fellowship, America's highest recognition for a traditional artist. Mike, known as “The Hawaiian Boy”, is a much-in-demand musician, singer, and composer, specializing in the 12-string guitar. Both an accomplished vocalist and composer, Nathan is the only male artist to have won the Nā Hōkū Hanohano award for Male Vocalist of the Year three times and has also been honored for composing the Hawaiian Song of the Year.

Jerry Douglas is a 13-time Grammy winner who is considered the world's leading dobro player. The dobro is a resonator guitar that is heard primarily in bluegrass music today but is derived from the Hawaiian lap steel guitar of the 1920s. Don't miss Jerry's first performance on Kaua‘i.

Jeff is recognized as one of Hawai`i’s most versatile guitarists, having provided the music for the blockbuster movie “The Descendants”. Benny is widely hailed by musicians as the world’s leading jazz ukulele master, known for his innovative techniques. The two will be joined by Hawaiian Legend Nathan Aweau.

With the popular Kaua‘i group THE HANALEI BAY TRIO
Ken Emerson, Pancho Graham, and Kirby Keough

The Hanalei Bay Trio's style reflects the Hawaiian guitar's grassroots origins of a century ago, completing a cultural circle from the first vaquero guitarists through jazz steel virtuoso Sol Hoopii and into new unexplored territories.

Also performing: The children's choir of Ke Kula Ni‘ihau O Kekaha

Set in the beautiful open-air setting of National Tropical Botanical Garden's Southshore Visitors Center in Po`ipū on the island of Kaua`i, the concert is the kickoff celebration of NTBG's 50th anniversary. NTBG was chartered by the United States Congress in 1964 as a nonprofit institution to serve the great public need of saving tropical plants from extinction.

GATES OPEN: 11:30 a.m.; CONCERT 1 p.m.-5 p.m.
FOOD & BEVERAGE will be available for purchase; no coolers please

ADMISSION FOR CHILDREN 5 YRS. AND UNDER: Free general admission if accompanied by adult

Purchase tickets http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/549685
Use password provided. Contact members@ntbg.org if you have not received your password.
Bring low-backed beach chair or mat (lawn seating)
Offsite Parking and Shuttle to Event (starting 11 a.m.)
Parking area located at:
3000 Po‘ipū Road, Kōloa
(.8 mi. from Kōloa Road; .5 mi. from Traffic Circle)


Katie Cassel honored for preserving Koke'e Wilderness

I met Katie up at Koke'e just after Hurricane Iniki when we were both  temporary residents enticed into the uplands by the extreme damage to habitable spaces on the rest of the island. What we found up there was the most incredibly beautiful, natural forest being invaded by introduced non-native plants and invasive, destructive alien plant and tree species.

We spent many days hiking the trails, learning the plants, and listening to lectures Katie organized through the Koke'e Museum by noted ornithologists, invasive species experts, geologists, fern experts, wildlife photographers and even historical legend writers. It was an amazing time on the mountain.  While I returned to my former occupations, nursing and and journalism, Katie went even deeper into the forest. In a few short years, she developed the Koke'e Conservation Resource Project in 1996 and the rest has been history and a far better chance of survival for native species on Kauai. Congratulations and Thank You to Katie Cassel and all her dedicated volunteers   --Sheila


2nd Annual Kickoff Event Recognizes Statewide Heroes – Volunteer opportunities held across the state

HONOLULU—On Monday March 3rd, Governor Neil Abercrombie kicked off Hawaii Invasive Species Awareness week with a proclamation and special recognition of this year’s Hawaii Invasive Species Council Award Recipients. Declaring that “invasive species pose the single greatest threat to Hawaii’s health, environment, economy, and people” the Governor praised the award recipients for their dedication to protecting Hawaii and encouraged all to continue leading the fight. State Representatives and Senators were on hand to present the awards which included 2013 Community Hero, 2013 Hottest Hotline Report to 643-PEST, 2013 Business Leader, Greatest Hit of 2013 and MVPS’s from each county in the state.

Kauai MVP 2014, presented by Representative Derek S.K. Kawakami, Representative James Tokioka, and Representative Dee Morikawa: Katie Cassel arrived in Kauai to help with the clean up after hurricane Iniki, and began the Kokee Resource Conservation Program (KRCP), when she recognized the need for a dedicated, volunteer-based program to help control invasive species in Kokee State Park to help protect the pristine forests that had already been devastated by destructive winds. She has been working tirelessly to involve not only the local community but also inspiring volunteers from all over the world to participate in conservation efforts on Kauai. Katie’s determination has allowed KRCP to lead over 27,000 volunteers resulting in the removal of over 10 million individual invasive plants in selected areas of Kokee State Park and Waimea Canyon State Park. Many of the people working in conservation on Kauai got their experience working under Katie and now hold positions at DLNR- DOFAW, KISC, the National Tropical Botanical Garden (NTBG), and many other groups helping to preserve Kauai’s natural resources. Katie has also formed many strong partnerships on Kauai through collaborative projects.

 Article courtesy of Hawaii State Department of Land and Natural Resources  dlnr.hawaii.gov/hisc/news/hisaw2014kickoff/


Flying high over Kauai

Story and photos by Emily Arbut

I've hiked many a trail on Kauai, it's my favorite pastime, but even my adventurous feet have a healthy respect for the Kalalau Trail.  An 11-mile, ever-muddy and eroded trail, the Kalalau starts at Kee Beach, crosses five different valleys and ends at secluded Kalalau Beach. It can be treacherous, but it's the only way to traverse the ruggedly magnificent, emerald green Napali Coast, the fabeled Northwest quadrant of Kauai.  The Napali Coast tops the picturesque list of Kauai, but, these days, with all the rain on the North shore, the Kalalau Trail is closed for all foot traffic.  

Napali is not-to-be-missed, so for explorers who know, there is only one alternative option: to see this beautiful coastline by air.  Nothing against boat tours, this mode of transportation is ideal for those looking to get some snorkeling in, and will be covered in an upcoming blog.  But, when it comes to stunning island panoramas, nothing can beat the window seat of a plane.  In an hours ride, the view is ever-changing, from coastline, to canyon, from swamp, to mountain top. Kauai landscape is breathtakingly diverse, and the water falls dotting the countryside never fail to illicit squeels of delight and camera clicks.  

Flying high over Kauai provides a greater appreciation for the luscious landscape of, "the Garden Island". Spanning the distance from East to West, South to North, the natural patchwork of the island pieces together to form one beautiful masterpiece.


Editor's Note: Article and Photos by Emily Arbut

Air transport provided by Wings Over Kauai Air Tours (808) 635-0815



Excerpt from the 

Story by By Gregg K. Kakesako Honolulu Advertiser


The peak of the largest swell in a decade began hitting the North Shore of Oahu this afternoon and could continue through the night, prolonging anxiety for some shoreline residents and building excitement for throngs of big-wave watchers.

The National Weather Service predicted 40- to 50-foot surf for north- and west-facing shores of Niihau and Kauai; and north-facing shores of Oahu, Molokai and Maui. 

As of 1 p.m., surf rolling into Waimea Bay was recorded at 22 feet, according to the National Weather Service.

However, the largest of the swells still hasn't hit Kauai and Oahu's North Shore.

A buoy located more than 200 miles northwest of Oahu continues to record swells, said Bob Burke, National Weather Service meteorologist.

"This will occur into the overnight hours and decrease tomorrow," Burke said.

State and civil defense officials reported no major damage from the waves this morning.

Roads on all islands remain open with sand and surf lapping on to a few shore-front roads on Kauai and Oahu.

John Cummings, spokesman for the city Emergency Management Department, said volunteers began canvassing the shoreline on Oahu's North Shore this morning. State Civil Defense said there were no reports of damage on Kauai or Oahu today.  

However, city Ocean Safety lifeguards put up yellow tape on North Shore beaches from Alii Beach near Haleiwa to Sunset Beach, warning people to stay out of the water.

"Nobody has any business in the ocean," said Ocean Safety Lt. John Hoogsteden.

Even experienced surfers stayed out of the water as strong winds made the surf choppy and unrideable.

"Giant breaking surf" and dangerous currents will make it extremely hazardous to approach the shoreline, according to officials at the National Weather Service.

The gates to the Waimea Bay parking lot and nearby grassy area were closed this morning after surf started rolling into the parking lot. The state closed the beach park Tuesday night in anticipation of today's high surf and is expected to keep it closed through Thursday.

Cars lined the road to the parking lot early this morning causing major traffic headaches for motorists. Police had the cars towed.

At Alii Beach Park, Wailua resident Dora Doroha, 55, said: "This is awesome to watch. We haven't had big surf like this in a long time.

"It's cool watching this from a distance," said Doroha, who spent the morning taking photos of the big surf to send to her grandchildren in Oregon.

City officials reported sand and water running on to the highway at low spots fronting Haleiwa Harbor.

At Haleiwa Boat Harbor, Ryan Bruner, 34, a charter fishing boat employee, said: "Everybody pretty much tied up their boats as well as possible. Nobody's going out."

He said boat owners were using reinforcement lines and extra floats. Mariners were also helping each other out to protect their property.

"It's almost like a tsunami surge, but for a long period of time," he said. 

Roads remain open on Kauai, however, state civil defense officials said there were reports of waves washing over Weke Road on Kauai's north shore near Hanalei.

Surf began building rapidly just after midnight on Kauai and Niihau, and will remain above the warning level through Thursday night.

All north shore beaches, from Anahola to Kee Beach, on Kauai remained today closed until further notice.

 The same storm system causing the swell will also whip a cold front through the islands, bringing gusty

 southwest Kona winds, cloudy skies and locally heavy rainfall through Wednesday.

High winds caused several trees to fall closing a portion of Waialua Beach Road. Also, in the Wahiawa area, California Avenue is now closed in both directions between North Cane Street and Ihoiho Place due to downed power lines.


Home Sweet Hawaii

Story and photos by Emily Arbut

Etched in memory from my first trip to Kauai, more than 4 years ago, was this deck view from the beautiful Hale O' Nanakai.  It had been only a dream that I would one day return back to the lush tranquility of the garden island. Kauai is, simultaneously, a sanctuary where one can feel at peace, and a treasure trove of breath-taking sights at every turn.  One can't help but become engulfed in the hospitable embrace of both the natural environment, and the island populous.

Hale O' Nanakai owner, Sheila Heathcote, embodies this unique spirit of Kauai. Easy-going, yet an encyclopedia of adventure; she is the perfect hostess for just about anyone.  On my first visit, she went out of her way to make certain that I experienced the island from every angle, and for that, I would have done just about anything to repay her kindess.  Over the years, thanks to the wonders of Facebook, we managed to stay connected.  When she sent out an SOS for help during the holiday months, I knew wild horses couldn't keep me away.  I would finally have the chance to give back to the person and the island that had given me so much.From now thru the end of March, I am the luckiest of ladies, as I take on the role of jack-of-all trades at Hale O' Nanakai.  Duties include, but are not limited to: cleaning rooms, helping with breakfast, taking reservations and leveraging my social media skills on the blog and beyond.  

That being said, island living means a healthy balance between work and play, providing me with the opportunity to explore the island on afternoons and days-off.  If you are reading this, I hope that you will stay with us, and that I will have the privelege to share my Kauai experiences in-person.  If not, please feel free to follow this blog in the months to come.  I will share some of the adventures that one woman, and her '96 Honda Coupe "Hawaii car", can encounter on the island of Kauai.  Until then, ALOHA friends!


Moon Bow Magic Gifts, Hanapepe

On a recent trip to Hanapepe -- the little town where "art night" is held every Friday evening from 6 - 9 PM -- I ducked into Little Fish Coffee to check out the boutique that resides in the garden area behind. 

Surrounded by blossoming tropical flowers, Andrea King's adorable shop, called Moon Bow Magic" surprised me with the array and variety of affordable gifts, knick knacks, jewelry, art, fabric creations and sculpture -- to mention only a few. 

I found two last minute gifts that fit my budget perfectly and were highly appreciated by the recipients.

It might be a little hard to find-- the only indication being a sign that says "OPEN" on a red wooden fence  leading to an alley just before the Little Fish Coffee Company if you are walking east. If you don't see the sign, go in Little Fish's front door and go out the back door to Moon Bow Magic. 

Don't forget to stop and have a tasty Smoothie or delicious coffee while in transit. 

Andrea says she travels the world in search of unique gift items to ensure a variety that can't be found anywhere else on Kauai. "When I bring items into my store, they have to be more than unique; they have to be fun, sophisticated, elegant and sassy!"

"I love to connect with travelers from around the world and enjoy matching my items to individual tastes. You can be sure that your gift won’t be found in any tourist shop on the island. Filled with tropical plants, shade giving trees and water sculptures, my courtyard entrance is a relaxing way to sip a cup of tea and discuss any special orders you may have."

Check out the boutique in person, online at http://www.moonbowmagic.com/MoonbowMagic or on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/MoonBowMagicGiftGallery.

The shop is located at 3900 Hanapepe Road Courtyard Unit E, P.O. Box 955, Hanapepe, Hawaii 96716. Call (808) 335-5890 for more information.



Ancient Hawaiian Village to Become "Cultural Center” at the Gateway to Poipu Beach

Over the summer months, many have been watching closely as the restoration project, involving a significant ancient Hawaiian village, got under way at the corner of Poipu and Hoowili Roads. Many believed it was simply a capital improvement project along the roadside, but as the new perimeter wall took shape and culminated with the installation of four beautifully carved Kii, clearly this project was something much more.

Completely encompassed by roadways and encroaching development, the site is largely intact, but in desperate need of rehabilitation. The ancient kahua has suffered instances of flooding, disturbance and theft of sacred rocks. The complex has also succumbed to dense vegetation overgrowth, and its rock walls are deteriorating and partially collapsed. Without the current preservation and repair work, this rare and remarkable heritage site would have been lost.

Kaneiolouma is considered sacred to the Hawaiian culture as well as an important historic landmark for the residents of Kauai. Within the complex, an intricate system of walls and terraces trace the architecture of an ancient way of life. Remnants of house sites, fishponds, taro fields, above ground irrigation channels, shrines, altars and idol sites lie relatively undisturbed near the scene of epic battles and legends spanning a millennium. Near its center, the complex contains what may be the only intact Makahiki (ancient Hawaiian sporting arena) in the state as well as the sacred spring of Waiohai.

Members of the Native Hawaiian group Hui Malama O Kaneiolouma have unofficially cared for Kaneiolouma for more than a decade. The group has an enduring vision and mission to protect, restore, interpret and share Kaneiolouma as a public cultural preserve. Under a Stewardship Agreement signed in August 2010, the County of Kauai has granted formal custodianship of the complex to the group and it is through their leadership and hard work that their vision is now being realized.

The restoration has been planned in four phases and is expected to span the next seven years. Phase One, which commenced earlier this year, involves the completion of the security wall, followed by hurricane debris removal and a comprehensive 3D survey and documentation.

Phase Two, spanning years two and three of the seven year plan, involves wall restoration, the completion of a drainage and flood mitigation plan, creation of interpretive signage and a traffic plan.

Phase Three will begin with the reconstruction of the fishpond, restoration of taro fields and selected house sites connected by pathways, viewing points and interpretive signage will be installed. Upon the completion of Phase Three, the site will be officially opened to the public.

The project will be completed in Phase Four. The final work involves the design and completion of the visitor learning center and integration into the larger Poipu Beach Park complex.

As we watch the day-to-day work, we all realize what a significant project this is not only for the Hawaiian community but for all of us who love and care for Kauai and its special history. Through the passion and dedication of a community working together, Kahua O Kaneiolouma will emerge from hiding as a shining example of what divergent people can accomplish when they work together towards a common goal with Aloha and Lokahi (unity).

Thanks to Makai Properties (www.makaiproperties.com) for the article and great real estate options.


Kaua`i Festivals Continue Throughout October

Article by Pam Woolway from http://www.forkauaionline.com/

Photo by Michael Drake

Three weekends of October are dedicated to the final celebrations of the Kaua`i Aloha Festival season that began the end of August. September and October are the traditional time of Makahiki, a time of peace and celebration.

Oct. 9 is the Auli`i Luau that connects with Kaua`i’s rich history and culture with an ocean front setting at Sheraton Kauai. Enjoy tributes paid to Kaua’i Aloha Festivals and the Royal Court with a procession and offering of ho’okupu (gifts).

Oct. 18 is Na Lima Hana Day. “Na Lima Hana” translates as “many hands working.” There will be cultural and health practitioners offering activities, demonstrations, entertainment and learning experiences, directly following Kaua’i's Royal Court procession and ho’okupu ceremony. Enjoy a “chopped box” food competition too. Located at the Grand Hyatt Kaua’i Resort and Spa.Oct. 19 is Na Mele O Kaumuali’i, a celebration that will show case the legacy of Kaua`i’s last ruling monarch, King Kaumuali`i, through original compositions of songs, chants and poems, complemented with ethnic foods provided by West Kaua`i food establishments. Held in the center of Waimea town.

October 20 is Hale Pule at Kupa’a I Loko Konalima Hawaiian Church in Kekaha, where the West Side community honors Kaua’i's Royal Court with pule (prayers) and mele (songs) to wrap up the Kaua’i Aloha Festivals season. The Kupa’a I Loko Konalima Hawaiian Church is part of the United Congregational Church of Christ. Traditional hymns are sung in English and Hawaiian. For more information, visit kauaialohafestivals.net.

Na Lima Hana Festival 

Hawaiian Culture Celebration Festival in Poipu at Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa on October 17, 18 and 19 from 9 - 5 at the grand Hyatt Hotel in Poipu.

Learn about Hawaiian cultural practices, participate in workshops and enjoying outstanding entertainment, music, dance and food! Na Lima Hana means many hands working.

This three-day festival, at the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort and Spa, presents a host of Hawaiian cultural practitioners offering activities, demonstrations, entertainment and learning experiences. Literally, many hands are working to teach and learn fascinating skills.

Learn all about lei-making, weaving with endemic plants, uses of medicinal plants, salt-making, drum-making, lomilomi (traditional massage), lau hala weaving, kapa (tapa) making, carving, ancient chants, hula kahiko, the uses of kalo (taro) and stone carving. Enjoy Hawaiian food and entertainment too.

Many events are free of charge to the public. As part of the festival the Hawaii Lodging and Tourism Association Kauai Chapter will be hosting a day-long conference, titled, "The Bones of our Ancestors", including a cultural field trip, discussions and demonstrations. In addition the Administration for Native Americans (ANA) will hold a grant-writing workshop October 15, 16 and 17.

The theme, kumuhonua, means "learning by going back to the source." All cultural practitioners convey the original sources of their knowledge, explaining how a particular cultural skill, craft, practice or tradition was taught to them; what was their source.

For more information, contact: Stella Burgess    Phone: (808) 240-6369    http://nalimahana.net1571 Poipu Road, Koloa, HI 96756


Sunday, Oct. 6 Lawai International Center comes alive

It's time for hearts to unite on the sacred grounds of Lawai International Center. The Center welcomes all to the dedication of the Hall of Compassion at the 13th annual Pilgrimage of Compassion on Sunday, October 6th from 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. The program will start at 2:30 p.m. celebrating the timeless spiritual vision of a valley long recognized as a healing sanctuary.

After 23 years of preparation, the Hall of Compassion, a hand carved structure true to 13th century architecture, will be unveiled. Buildings similar to the Hall of Compassion have been known to remain standing for a minimum of 1,000 years. For the past 9 months over 400 volunteers and supporters have dedicated time and support to the creation of this extraordinary structure. Through their caring hearts, they are the embodiment of the spirit of Lawai.

Grandmaster Riley Lee, world-renowned shakuhachi flutist will issue a call to the pilgrims of the world. Carried by the wind through the trees, the soothing sounds of Grandmaster Lee's shakuhachi are the voice of Lawai International Center. Riley Lee's Grandmaster designation did not come easily. He attained the rank 30 years ago after rigorous training that included practicing barefoot in the snow, blowing his flute while standing under a waterfall, and playing in blizzards until icicles formed at the tip of his flute. He has performed extensively throughout the United States, Europe and Asia.

The rarely seen children of Ni`ihau will chant and the members of Taiko Kaua`i will add their drumbeats to the celebration of birth of the Hall of Compassion. There will also be a bonsai exhibit, ikebana demos, bake sale, silent auction, as well as mochi and taro pounding and cultural culinary demos along with Keiki Land for the children.

Lawai International Center is a nonprofit , nondenominational community project driven by its volunteers, whose earnest efforts are bringing the valley back to prominence as an international center of compassion, education, and cultural understanding.

Please bring an umbrella and wear comfortable shoes for this hillside walk. And if possible, please car pool and arrive early to facilitate parking. The gates open at 1:00 p.m. with demonstrations and exhibits open. The program starts at 2:30 p.m.

Donations are gratefully accepted. For more information contact LM@hawaii.rr.com, call 639-5952 or visit www.lawaicenter.org


Lighten Up, Seven Ways to Kick the Suffering Habit by Deborah Duda

Need a new book to read? Well, here is one that is sufe to get you thinking!

A practical guide to increasing the joy in our daily lives by healing the suffering habit.


KAUA’I, Hawai’i: Ask yourself, “When was the last time I felt joyful?” If the answer is not “Today”, reading Lighten Up, Seven Ways to Kick the Suffering Habit will open a door in your life. 

Part memoir, part exposé, Lighten Up is not a book for sissies. It takes courage to acknowledge the sadness and losses in our lives, let them go, and reclaim our joy.

Suffering is the least recognized, most widespread, most pernicious addiction of our time, according to the author. We live in a world where angst is prevalent and, for many, even fashionable.

Most of humanity believes suffering is inevitable. While feeling emotional pain is unavoidable as we make peace with the often-profound changes in our lives, suffering –- pain prolonged -- is optional. Lighten Up exposes the severity of the suffering habit and shares practical, and often fun, options for changing our limiting ideas and behaviors so we can live more light-heartedly.

“We are hardwired for bliss, both physical and divine,” concluded Candice Pert, Ph.D., after thirty years of research as a Georgetown University School of Medicine research professor and a National Institute for Mental Health section chief.

Lightening up is the greatest gift we can give to our families, our communities, and our world.  Being a profoundly contented person who feels a joyful kinship with all of life is the major work of a lifetime. 

Lighten Up is available on Amazon and Kindle, at http://www.amazon.com/Lighten-Up-Seven-Suffering-Habit/dp/1475263783


Jim Denny -- For the love of Kauai's Birds

Jim Denny, an avid bird watcher and photographer has been hiking into the Alakai Swamp for more than 30 years  to get the award-winning photos of native bird featured on a multitude of media about Kauai. 

I worked with him at Kauai Veteran's Memorial Hospital, when I was a traveling nurse and he was a lab technologist. In fact I burned up the brakes of his old station wagon on one of my first trips down the mountain coming from Koke'e State Park.

Denny offers birding tours of Kauai that are unsurpassed, and I can not recommend anyone better to take the avid bird enthusiast to the far corners of the island.


Excerpted from Jim Denny's website http://www.kauaibirds.com/index.htm  ALL PHOTOS BY JIM DENNY

The Hawaiian island of Kauai offers the visiting birder many opportunites to add species to his or her life list. More than 80 species of birds are present on this Garden Island. In addition to Hawaii's famous native forest birds and wetland birds, there is a great variety of easily seen introduced birds and seabirds.

This site (http://www.kauaibirds.com/index.htm) is designed to help you identify the birds of Kaua'i as well as birds you may encounter on visits to other Hawaiian islands. The images on this site were photographed with a Nikon D2H and D300. The video on this site was filmed with a Canon GL2 and XHA1. All are the work of videographer & photographer Jim Denny and may not be used without permission.

Jim has been photographing the birds of Hawaii for more than 35 years. His articles and images have appeared in many outstanding publications, including Audubon, Smithsonian, and National Geographic magazines.

Jim is available to guide small groups (4 or less) in search of endemic forest birds. He is a 40 year resident of the island. In addition to numerous birding groups, he has served as a guide for BBC London, NHK Japan, and National Geographic photographers/videographers. He has a 4x4 vehicle for easier access to trail heads that comfortably seats 4 passengers. Please contact for availability and tour details. For those not interested in securing his services, he is happy to give birding suggestions.

Jim has written two books and produced two videos about Kauai's birds.

For tours and additional information, contact Jim Denny at 










New Innkeeper - "Uttama" -- Artist, Healer, Weaver 

With great pleasure I am proud to introduce Hale O Nanakai's new Innkeeper, Becky Bedsole, who began working at the B&B on August 1st. With several years of experience in running the rural 14 room "Village Inn" located Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin (http://www.littlebedder.com/), she brings high standards to  the management and quality assurance  of the daily operation of the B&B. Becky's attention to detail includes initiating new eco-friendly cleanliness standards and  serious attention to detail and customer relations.

Becky's idea to come to Kauai, however, was not exactly to run a B&B. Having moved from Wisconsin to the California coast, Becky worked for a mortgage company, while attending classes and workshops to improve her healing and intuitive skills. Near the end of her apartment lease and the final days of class at a workshop  in  Santa Cruz, she was summoned to Kauai. From there things "just fell into place", she explained.

"In the workshop I realized my heart's desire was to be a full time healer and full time artist living in Kauai, Hawaii. I deeply wanted to follow my heart. "

From the moment she arrived on Kauai, the island welcomed her with open arms.

"I channelled the I ancient energy of the Island within the first week there," Becky, who is also a very talented artist who works with weaving and fabrics, said. "(The Island) sent me to Waimea Canyon to 'receive my gifts.' The gifts came to me once I came down the canyon to dinner."

Sitting at a restaurant, alone, finishing her meal and enjoying the view of the sunset, I invited Becky to join me and Ellen Coulombe (Wings Over Kauai owner) and her sons at the next table.

"This has never ever happened to me before," Becky exclaimed. "I took notice of the energy in play and happily accepted. As we talked, I learned (that Sheila) owned a Bed & Breakfast. I needed another vacation rental in a few days and told her I'd make a reservation. When she learned that I had been an Onsite Manager of a 14 unit Motel for 3.5 years a few years prior, she asked me if I wanted a job."

The result was a work trade that benefited both parties. And, she explains, the gifts just kept on coming.

"The next door neighbor of the B&B had an island car for sale, just in my price range! Then, the neighbors on the other side of the B&B invited me to house sit their beautiful home for 3 weeks.  They trusted me as I was the temporary Inn Keeper at the B&B.  Finally, one of the guests at the B&B was checking out and in conversation with me discovered I was a fiber artist. She had been searching for several years for the perfect Tapestry for her home and couldn't find it. Once she saw my art, she found exactly what she was looking for and bought it instantly!"

Becky Uttama Bedsole has also studied Shamanic Healing, Reiki I and II, Tibetan Tantric Healing, Psychic reading and Intuition as well as practicing channeling, Sound Therapy and Spiritual Healing. Her website and credentials -- along with a spectacular slide show of her woven artwork and tapestries can be found at her website http://www.beckybedsolearts.com/default.html 

"For those who are seeking/desiring to experience life through a deeper connection to the Sacred and to Mother Earth, I offer to you a pathway. Whether through appreciating the beauty of art expressed through the Sacred Heart or Awakening your Heart through energy healing."

Becky's healing sessions and the viewing of her artwork is by appointment only. Contact her through her website (http://www.beckybedsolearts.com/default.html) for more information or to make an appointment.

Couples Massage --On the Beach or at location of your choice!

KAUAI -- "Assisting in Your Wellness", the brain child of Licensed Massage Therapists, Kate and Andrea Slaski is a unique way to celebrate a Honeymoon, Anniversary, Engagement, Vow Renewal or just plain love and pleasure.

"We specialize in couples beach massages on the beautiful island of Kauai," says Kate who earned her certification under top flight Kauai Community College Massage Instructor, Virginia Dunas.

Relax, enjoy and embrace the magic of Kauai  by joining the husband and wife team on a secluded beach of your choice!

"It is a tropical massage experience that will enlighten and refresh your body and mind," Andrea promises.

Kauai Couples Massage is a traveling service and will come to your vacation rental if you'd prefer, working with your needs and what makes you the most comfortable.

Just imagine listening  to the waves roll in on the beach and the tropical palms sway in the breeze while enjoying a relaxing massage with the one you love on the sand or on the lanai of your vacation spot.

Rates are $90 per hours; $180 per couple. Custom anniversary/honeymoon or any special add ons are welcome. "We love to aid in surprises," said Kate.

Massage and dinner packages or massage and brunch packages include a healhthy and yummy chef-prepared brunch or dinner after completing your massage at your vacation rental.

Hawaiian lomilomi, Swedish, Shiatzu, Hand and Foot Reflexology, Prenatal, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point therapy and extensive orthoppedic medical massage are the variety of techniques the couple excels in, and a Hawaiian sand and sea salt hand and foot scrub is only a small additional charge. 

Call or email for an appointment: Andrea MAT# 9667 (808) 651-9080 or Kate MAT # 9841 at (808) 346-1733. Or explore their website for details and extras at www.KauaiCouplesMassage.com